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Saudi and Opec breakeven oil prices are rising at worrying levels


Saudi Arabia needs oil prices to remain at $83 to $ 88 a barrel to breakeven – almost double of what it was three years ago. Rising breakeven prices means less fiscal cushion, leaving Saudi Arabia vulnerable to fluctuations in oil prices. Read More Here


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New firm positions UAE in aluminum output

New firm positions UAE in aluminum output(0)

Dubai Aluminium ‘s ( DUBAL ) formal merger with its Abu Dhabi counterpart Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) is a reflection of the UAE’s rise as a low-cost smelter destination at a time when high-cost players are slashing their output.

Iraq oil output surges despite turmoil

Iraq oil output surges despite turmoil(0)

Iraq ramped up oil production to a 35-year high last month despite a worsening security situation and political standoffs in the country, but experts said more investment was needed if Iraq wants to realize ambitious output targets.

Saudi e-commerce rakes in USD4.3bn

Saudi e-commerce rakes in USD4.3bn(0)

Saudis spent USD 4.3 billion on online transactions last year, according to a report by the Arab Advisors Group.

Oil reliance and lack of reform leave Gabon vulnerable

Oil reliance and lack of reform leave Gabon vulnerable(0)

Gabon’s financial problems have been vastly exaggerated. An erroneous news report late last month suggested Gabon’s government had suspended salaries of government employees as it did not have adequate funds.

Ukraine crisis lifts Azerbaijan’s oil and gas profile

Ukraine crisis lifts Azerbaijan’s oil and gas profile(0)

Azerbaijan would likely emerge as a winner in the Ukraine-Russia crisis, which has left Europeans fearing for the security of their natural gas supplies.

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