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Gold’s ‘honest’ price $10,000, says Societe Generale

We should dismiss exclamations by gold bugs who think gold prices should be way higher, say $3,000 or $5,000. But when SocGen’s global strategy team thinks gold’s ‘honest price’ is $10,000, one should sit up and take notice.

Dylan Grice, part of SocGen’s global strategy team analyst, says that with global demand for non-debased currency surging, last week’s capitulation by the Swiss demonstrated once again the perverse risk inherent in doing the right thing. It also narrowed the already shrunken universe of sound
currencies. Meanwhile, the price of gold at which the US dollar would be fully backed has reached $10,000 per ounce. READ MORE HERE


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Gold in shackles amid poor market sentiment

Gold in shackles amid poor market sentiment(0)

Gold bugs may be loving the favorable winds that are carrying the price of the yellow metal upwards, but few analysts believe that we are on the verge of a long-term surge.

Kyrgyz regains shine post-Kumtor dispute

Kyrgyz regains shine post-Kumtor dispute(0)

Kyrgyzstan’s economic prospects have brightened after the country appears to have resolved a major issue with one of its largest foreign investors.

Analysts: Worst of gold free-fall not yet over

Analysts: Worst of gold free-fall not yet over(0)

Gold appears to be on a long-term decline as its cover of a so-called safe-haven is blown.

Geopolitical tension boosts gold prices to USD1,400

Geopolitical tension boosts gold prices to USD1,400(0)

After plunging to a three-year-low in late June to USD 1,180 per ounce, gold has bounced back to above USD 1,400 by September 3.

Lackluster gold dampens South Africa’s prospects

Lackluster gold dampens South Africa’s prospects(0)

Mining companies across the world are in retreat, which is set to adversely impact the South African economy.

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