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Human Rights Watch: From Arab Spring To Arab Autumn?

Human Rights Watch reports, by their very nature, never present a rosy outlook as they are given to highlighting the atrocities of governments and the lack of dignity and freedom they present to millions of their hapless citizens across the world.

And so its 2012 World Report is no exception. Paying special emphasis to Arab Spring, the report grimly notes that while the revolutions that broke out across the region euphoric, there is nothing inevitable about transitions to democracy. READ MORE HERE


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Ethiopia builds on economic momentum

Ethiopia builds on economic momentum(0)

Ethiopia is building on its economic momentum with a spate of new developments, but needs higher growth rates to fulfil its ambition of achieving middle-income status.

Libya reserves drawdown accelerates

Libya reserves drawdown accelerates(0)

A combination of oil production disruptions and runaway spending could deplete Libya’s formidable financial reserves in less than five years, analysts warn.

Tanzania LNG on backburner amid constitution review

Tanzania LNG on backburner amid constitution review(0)

Tanzania’s dream to beat Mozambique and emerge as East Africa’s first exporter of liquefied natural gas has suffered a setback as politicians bicker over a new constitution for the country.

Eurobond likely as Kenya eyes revised GDP

Eurobond likely as Kenya eyes revised GDP(0)

Kenya appears set to issue its debut USD 2 billion Eurobond before June, as the government looks to capitalize on favorable fiscal conditions and the prospects of middle-income status after a GDP revision.

Construction to buoy Bahrain banks

Construction to buoy Bahrain banks(0)

Bahrain’s financial sector has been hit by civil unrest that has dented business confidence in the Gulf Arab state, but renewed construction activity could boost otherwise muted growth in the banking sector

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