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Sunny, with a chance of recession


E t h e r e a l

Shabbir Siraj / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Europe will remain in recession for much of 2013 and 2014, and Greece could well exit the Eurozone, but it will do little to stop broad-based growth in the global economy, according to Citibank.

“We expect consumption and investment will grow rapidly across many emerging markets in coming years, especially in Asia and the Middle East, reflecting policy loosening plus background drivers of rapid growth of middle-income consumers, urbanization, and major infrastructure projects by cash-rich governments and state-linked bodies,” says Michael Saunder, analyst at the bank. CONTINUE READING


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Africa infrastructure investments hinge on reforms

Africa infrastructure investments hinge on reforms(0)

Africa’s massive infrastructure needs present a huge opportunity for the private sector, but governments will need to improve the regulatory environment and strengthen regional markets to lure companies.

Iran economy to contract further as nuclear talks continue

Iran economy to contract further as nuclear talks continue(0)

Iran is at a crossroad.Uncertainty about the outcome of dialogue between the Islamic regime and Western powers has also left the country’s economy in limbo.

GCC accounts for 87% of MENA real estate investments

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More than USD 1 trillion worth of real estate projects are under way in the Middle East and North Africa, as regional authorities move swiftly to address chronic housing shortages across the Arab World.

Rebasing helps Nigeria in GDP race

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