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Africa infrastructure investments hinge on reforms Africa infrastructure investments hinge on reforms(0)

Africa’s massive infrastructure needs present a huge opportunity for the private sector, but governments will need to improve the regulatory environment and strengthen regional markets to lure companies. CONTINUE READING

Sharp downturn eclipses Ghana’s prospects Sharp downturn eclipses Ghana’s prospects(0)

Ghana’s minister for finance and economic planning Seth Terkper issued a clear warning earlier this month that the Ghanaian economy is suffering and may need help from the International Monetary Fund, underlining the scale of the country’s economic problems. CONTINUE READING

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Mozambique emerges as LNG front-runner Mozambique emerges as LNG front-runner(0)

Mozambique’s proposed liquefied natural gas project has the lowest upstream capital costs in the world, making the country a highly attractive location for development. CONTINUE READING


Renewables gain ground in S. Africa Renewables gain ground in S. Africa(0)

South Africa has been a ‘standout’ performer in attracting renewable energy investment, according to a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). CONTINUE READING



Rebasing helps Nigeria in GDP race Rebasing helps Nigeria in GDP race(0)

GDP is nothing but a number. After a two-year delay, Nigeria has finally rebased its gross domestic product and emerged as Africa’s largest economy ahead of South Africa, which had long held the title. CONTINUE READING

Africa mining ripe for M&As Africa mining ripe for M&As(0)

After a fairly tumultuous period for commodities, metal prices are steadily rising again, which could bode well for mergers and acquisitions activities in Africa. CONTINUE READING

Oil reliance and lack of reform leave Gabon vulnerable Oil reliance and lack of reform leave Gabon vulnerable(0)

Gabon’s financial problems have been vastly exaggerated. An erroneous news report late last month suggested Gabon’s government had suspended salaries of government employees as it did not have adequate funds. CONTINUE READING

huguesn / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
Namibian port poised to be logistics hub Namibian port poised to be logistics hub(0)

Namibia’s Walvis Bay could emerge as southern African states’ gateway to Europe. CONTINUE READING

BRICS high on Africa’s global trade agenda BRICS high on Africa’s global trade agenda(0)

Emerging markets are eager to diversify away from the developed economies and looking to open up fresh avenues for trade, investment and exchange of product and services. CONTINUE READING

Concerns grow over Nigeria’s ‘lost billions’ Concerns grow over Nigeria’s ‘lost billions’(0)

The suspension of Nigeria’s central bank chief has raised uncertainty for the economy as investors worry about its long-term impact. CONTINUE READING

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