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GCC retail industry to reach USD221bn by 2015 GCC retail industry to reach USD221bn by 2015(0)

The Gulf’s retail market is set to become a USD 221 billion industry by 2015, growing remarkable at 7.9% each year for the next three years, according to Markaz, Kuwait Finance Centre. CONTINUE READING

yowalid / Foter / CC BY-NC
Gulf stocks end Q1 with USD751bn market cap Gulf stocks end Q1 with USD751bn market cap(0)

A 5.2% correction in the Dubai Financial Market in the month of March took the shine off an otherwise stellar quarter for the emirate and the wider Gulf markets. CONTINUE READING

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OPEC: Cuts coming? OPEC: Cuts coming?(0)

Crashworks / / CC BY-NC

While OPEC may not take action at its meeting on December 12, most analysts expect the group to cut production in the new year or face depressed crude prices.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries may choose to hold fire at their latest meeting in Vienna on December 12, but it may be forced to cut production in the New Year, analysts say. CONTINUE READING

Kuwait’s D-Day Kuwait’s D-Day(0)

Kuwaitis have seen a fair number of elections in recent years, but the one being held on December 1 may turn out to be the most significant for the country’s political and economic well-being. CONTINUE READING

Top Arab Banks Top Arab Banks(0)
Beauty Eye / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Regional banks had the lowest cost-to-income ratios in the world. The Banker magazine’s data shows Middle Eastern banks average cost-to-income ratio was 39.69%, down from 41.37% last year. CONTINUE READING

MENA’s 5,000 richest individuals MENA’s 5,000 richest individuals(0)

The Middle East North Africa region welcomed 100 new ultra high networth individuals, as the region’s nearly 5,000-richest individuals avoided the worst of the global economic crisis and regional turmoil, according to Wealth-X, a Singapore-based wealth consultancy. CONTINUE READING

Kuwait’s Canadian Move Kuwait’s Canadian Move(0)


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. Shell / Foter

Report of Kuwaiti interest in Canadian oil sands companies highlights the treasure trove of oil riches in the North American country. CONTINUE READING

Kuwait’s Semi-Democracy Kuwait’s Semi-Democracy(0)

The failed Kuwait-Dow Chemical mega deal is regarded as one of the biggest examples of how the Kuwaiti parliament has hindered the country’s economic progress. CONTINUE READING

NBK Chief Ibrahim Dabdoub’s Frustration NBK Chief Ibrahim Dabdoub’s Frustration(0)

Ibrahim Dabdoub’s criticism of Kuwait’s economic malaise highlights the banking sector’s frustration over lack of government reforms and lethargic private sector growth. CONTINUE READING

Cash-Rich Gulf’s Financing Challenge Cash-Rich Gulf’s Financing Challenge(0)

As the EU crisis worsens, GCC banks are likely to face a higher demand for corporate loans as capital market liquidity tightens…. CONTINUE READING

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