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Libya risks meltdown as fresh tension builds up Libya risks meltdown as fresh tension builds up(0)

Libya has gone from a much-lauded country trying to get back on its feet after a bloody civil war, to a basket-case within the space of a few short months. CONTINUE READING

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Libya on shaky ground as insurgency rises Libya on shaky ground as insurgency rises(0)

Libya’s economic figures are the envy of the world, but the country teeters on the edge of dysfunction. CONTINUE READING

Arab Countries In Transition Arab Countries In Transition(0)
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Countries hit by the promising but disruptive Arab Spring will need financing to the tune of USD43-billion next year, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). CONTINUE READING

Qaddafi’s Weapons Qaddafi’s Weapons(0)

Libya’s transformation from being the personal fiefdom of Moammer Gaddafi to a fledgling democracy is an incredible achievement. CONTINUE READING

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Fast-growing Libya Fast-growing Libya(0)

The Libyan economy is set to grow by 20%, the fastest in Africa, and easily among the fastest in an otherwise depressed global economy. CONTINUE READING

Libya’s 9 Challenges Libya’s 9 Challenges(0)

Libya’s oil sector has returned quickly to full speed, but the rest of the country remains in a state of disrepair. Maplecroft identifies at least nine key challenges facing the country.

While Libya has done well in ramping up oil production to near pre-civil war levels, much remains to be done. READ MORE HERE


Libya Revisited Libya Revisited(0)

The figures are in: Libya’s civil war cost the country a 60% contraction in GDP as forces loyal to maverick leader Moammer Gaddafi tried in vain to contain the rising tide of rebels eager to rid the country of the brutal dictator.

With NATO air cover and Arab arms and financing feeding the rebels, it was inevitable that the regime would fall. What was even more inevitable was Colonel’s Gaddafi’s death at the hands of a ragtag army of rebels in the most grisly fashion on the streets of Sirte. READ MORE HERE

Can the NTC Unite Libya? Can the NTC Unite Libya?(0)

While the international community saw Libyans collectively rise up against the rule of Moammar Gaddafi and saw the emergence of the National Transitional Council (NTC) as the unifying force, the reality on the ground is quite different.

A new study by the International Crisis Group (ICG) brings into sharp focus the rivalries, the complexities and the number of militias, groups, and secular and religious parties that have come to the fore and are jostling for attention and representation in the new Libya. READ MORE HERE

MENA 2012 Outlook: Oil Exporting Countries MENA 2012 Outlook: Oil Exporting Countries(0)

In the first part of the 2012 regional economic prospects, a look at oil-rich countries’ efforts to manage their citizens’ expectations, economic slowdown and regional and domestic political upheavals in the New Year.

The year 2011 was probably the most unexpected for the Middle East in decades with  not just the magnitude of changes unravelling in the region, but also the sheer number of those cataclysmic changes. READ MORE HERE

SPECIAL COMMENT: The Arab Spring Could Turn Into A Long And Cruel Winter SPECIAL COMMENT: The Arab Spring Could Turn Into A Long And Cruel Winter(0)

By Alon Ben-Meir

Due to a host of common denominators in the Arab world including the lack of traditional liberalism, the tribes’ power, the elites’ control of business, the hold on power by ethnic minorities, the military that cling to power, and the religious divide and Islamic extremism, the Arab Spring could sadly turn into a long and cruel winter. These factors are making the transformation into a more reformist governance, slow, filled with hurdles and punctuated with intense bloodshed. At the same time, each Arab country differs characteristically from one another on other dimensions including: history and culture, demographic composition, the role of the military, resources, and geostrategic situations. This combination of commonality and uniqueness has had, and will continue to have, significant impacts on how the uprising in each Arab country evolves and what kind of political order might eventually emerge.

Read More

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