UAE Macroeconomic Analysis Report 

The USD350 UAE Macroeconomic Analysis Report, examines the prospects for the Middle East’s most dyanmic ad diversified economy. The country is poised for growth over the next few years, but also faces significant economic challenges as it looks to revive key sectors such as real estate and tourism.

The independent study on the UAE examines all the key issues that could shape the future of the emirate: including Dubai’s debt issues, Abu Dhabi’s prudent approach towards federal and emirate-level development, unemployment issues, domestic business climate and key regulations that could unlock new opportunities for new businesses and investors in the country.

AlifArabia’s report provides the following:

Country Risk

Economic Forecasts

Key Economic Indicators

Population & Demographics

Key Sector Breakdown

Key Regulations & Laws Impacting Businesses

Setting Up A Business

Corruption & Transparency Index

Latest News Developments & Projections

Key Government Ministries

In addition, you get the following BENEFITS:

FREE UAE Country Report Update After 5 Months

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You may be thinking why you have to wait 48 hours to get the report? The truth is that we don’t create off-the-shelf reports like everybody else. We constantly update the reports and once we get an order, we will go over the entire research to ensure we have the most up-to-date information which you can be certain is current to the day you receive it.This is yards better than a report that’s sitting on the virtual shelf for six months. Plus, we are a small team looking after lots of orders – but we make up for it by being excellent, diligent and thorough with our research.